Video glimpses into The Loss Art

It takes a leap of faith to bring anyone along with you on your personal grief journey – and I’m asking you to do just that. On this page you’ll see some video glimpses into The Loss Art. You’ll hear from me and see the beautiful location of The Loss Art. These are important factors when you’re considering spending time away from home with unfamiliar people.

Each video will give you a different glimpse into The Loss Art. For example, you’ll see my indoor and outdoor spaces and a few of my creative expressions of grief. Maybe they’ll inspire your inner creativity to let loose.

After catching a few video glimpses into The Loss Art, if you think it’s a place where you’ll enjoy spending time creating through your grief, I invite you to sign up for a retreat.

It takes a leap of faith to bring anyone along on your personal grief journey, especially in an unfamiliar place with people you don’t know yet. I’m pleased to introduce you to The Loss Art as a safe, calm, beautiful space to create through your grief.
Creative Grief Coach Julie Maltby chats about how retreat participants can spend time on the patio and beyond at The Loss Art lakeside property.
Not all support groups are created equally – and that’s as it should be. Our individual grief experiences are all different, too. The unique approach of creative grief support meets you where you are and recognizes you as the expert of your journey.
Two friends and I rode our motorcycles to Ausable River Cut Conservation Area to see their recent installation of a Wind Phone. Learn about this loving way to stay connected to lost loved ones in places of nature around the world.

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