Beauty and Strength in Grief gift collection

This series of photographic art pieces is designed to bring beauty and strength to your grief experience.

These photographs come with creative touches. I call the series “Beauty and Strength in Grief”. I took the photos on the north shore of Lake Erie. They’re designed to inspire hope, resilience and joy, while adding a touch of beauty to any décor. Each image is enhanced with a quote from a well-known and/or socially popular source to encourage the viewer to embrace their strengths in the face of grief and other life challenges.

The photos are predominantly water scenes, which I took during the morning and evening golden hour. (I keep the edits to a minimum – who am I to change Mother Nature’s masterpiece?) They’re adorned with butterflies made of shells I collected from beaches across the county.

Each piece is an original – no two are exactly alike

You may choose from among lovely double-matted frames in various shapes and sizes. All photos are 5″ x 7″ or larger. See the caption below each image to read the quote on that piece, the available size and price.


  • Prices for online orders don’t include shipping.
  • I’m setting up an online order page. In the meantime, please contact me at with any questions and to order the image(s) of your choice.

Thank you for adding some beauty and strength to your grief or to the experience of someone you care about.

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