I’m grateful for these testimonials! Thank you for taking a moment to hear from those who trained me, learned with and from me and trusted me to help them creatively express their grief.

“The way you engaged with us made me feel comfortable. I appreciated being able to take what I thought may be a weird thing – that I still have the licorice – and making it feel ok. I have been thinking about our session and my dad more than usual since then. Maybe it’s not too late to grieve him after all.” – Group participant

“Julie was warm, informative, caring, supportive and moved things along well. It was a no-pressure atmosphere.” – Workshop participant

“The entire workshop was just right – from the tea and treats to your kind and gentle way of guiding us through the workshop. It was very well run! Thank you!” – Workshop participant

“As one of the attendees yesterday, I can honestly say it was great. An awesome opportunity to be open, creative, as well as a safe space to share my inner most feelings. Thank YOU Julie for everything, you have a special gift.” – Workshop participant

“I really enjoyed this workshop. It has made me want to go home and work on other creative activities for other family members I’ve lost.” – Workshop participant

“Julie brings such a positive energy to the room, and was always insightful. Julie demonstrated she is open minded, respectful and I always felt seen and heard.” – Peer coach

“Julie shows a thorough and rich appreciation for the importance of the client/coach relationship and she was able to also
reflect on her client’s impact on her as a support practitioner.” – Creative Grief Studio instructor

“You did marvelous work supporting mom and us as we prepared for Gerry’s celebration and you did such a beautiful job that day.” – Family member from interment ceremony I officiated

Want to submit a testimonial of your own? Thank you! Please email julie@thelossart.com.

Julie in fall leaves